Mr. Mongilardi’s film and television credits include:  Associate Producer of the feature film, and Co-Producer/Writer of the award nominated and National Film Network distributed documentary, The Changing Face of Autism.  He has served on projects for The Geffen Playhouse during its inaugural season, DISNEY Imagineering, PARAMOUNT, SONY television and was the
co-writer of the 2007 World Music Awards.  He is currently a writer and producer in development of the feature film, The Burning Blue, and is the author of various multi-genre screenplays, articles, essays, stories and novellas.

  • Media Consultation.  Help raise your public media profile.
  • Story.  Having trouble with plot or character development?  We can help.
  • Concept Visualization.  Whether your project is fiction or fact, we can help on multiple levels.
  • Pitch and Sell Your Idea.  Guidance from idea through presentation.
  • Film and Documentary Production.  Our background covers all aspects of filmmaking.
  • Copy Editing.  Complete copy-editing services.
  • Biographies.  We specialize in creating strong biographies for press kits and media platforms.
  • Business Letters.  Our letters get results.
  • General Organizing.  Does your office or home need attention?  Look no further.
  • Personal Assistance.  We provide administrative and hands-on support.
  • Entertainment Service.  Need a butler or help with an event?
  • Referrals.  If we can’t do it, we know who can.

An initial one-half hour consultation in person or via telephone is complimentary.  The fee structure and payment plans are based on the scope of your project and are outlined in a deal memo personalized to meet the level of involvement by OMRPM Consultation and Coaching.

Raoul Peter Mongilardi, email:

"Raoul Mongilardi’s experience in the film industry has been very helpful to me. Most recently during production and post-production of two films I produced this past summer, "Manure," now "The Smell Of Success," & "Stay Cool."  I also found his ideas and observations to be astute and he was a solid right hand during the premiere of "Manure" at Sundance 2009."

Ken Johnson,


"Raoul Mongilardi recognized my talent as a gifted publishing consultant.  I followed his advice and opened myself up to help all writers achieve their publishing dreams.  I love this aspect of writing and it has been incredibly successful.  My clients have won awards, received lucrative publishing deals and have become Amazon bestsellers."

Donna Sozio,
Author, Publishing & Pitch Consultant
Never Trust a Man in Alligator Loafers:
What his Shoes Really Say About his True Love Potential (Citadel 2007)



I wanted to take a moment and express my gratitude for your role in the recent nomination of The Changing Face of Autism for the 2009 Voice Award.  It augments all the work you have done spanning the years of the production in terms of producing, co-writing, administration, and culmination of distribution. I'm grateful for your influence, contacts, and never-ending dedication to our project."

Thanks for bringing your best!

Lynne Duquette
Co-producer , The Changing Face of Autism


"I have had the pleasure and honor of working with Raoul Peter Mongilardi in the business of media creation for many years. As a producer, he is able to assemble teams of talent and crew of the highest skill within budgetary parameters. I have worked under him as a director, composer and editor, and his upbeat manner keeps the welfare of the project in focus. This is an invaluable skill to possess as a producer. Raoul is also a very talented writer. His novels and screenplays are creative, innovative, gripping and parallel to the finest screen prose being written in Hollywood. Additionally, his writing schedule and ability to turn out quality product on a short time-line is remarkable.

As my manager, within five minutes of our first meeting, Raoul was able to correct some significant image issues. He listens and is always encouraging. Having Raoul on my side in the capacity of manager gives me peace to know that my public image is powerful, my submitted work is of a top-notch nature, and that I will not be stepping into contractual or work related traps. For these reasons and more, anyone bringing Raoul onto their creative team will certainly wonder why they had not done so much, much, earlier."

Yours truly,
Mark Edward Lewis 


"I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Raoul for a recent consulting meeting he had with me.  He was wonderful in this meeting and had words of wisdom and helped me plan for success. In addition, he took the mishmash that is my collective resume and created a bio that is easy to read, beautifully written and concise.  Raoul was able to take information from three separate resumes and combine them into one.  This is a marvelous talent, and I recommend his services to anyone in need of a sharp, articulate resume."

My Best,
Debi Hall
Rodeo Pictures

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